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Natural material, renewable, biodegradable
Other names: 
Latex, caucho, caoutchouc, gum
Short description: 
Natural rubber consists of latex from the rubber trees and water. The latex is a milky and sticky substance collected from the bark of the tree (Para rubber tree mainly) by making an incision into the tree. The mixture is then air dried to form rubber. It is very elastic and durable material that is used in many industries.
Impact on the environment: 
Low to positive when harvest in sustainable way. It is a renewable resource that contributes to lower carbon dioxide pollution. It is also highly recyclable and can be up-cycled as well.
Tires for vehicles, clothing/footwear industry, medical and cosmetics, diving and marine industries, transportation (conveyors) and more…
Natural rubber, synthetic rubber (not as environmental friendly), reinforced rubber, recycled rubber
What to look for? 
Look for natural and sustainable rubber under Fair Rubber or FSC label and for products made of recycled/reused rubber, such as used tires.
Did you know? 
Only about 30% of all rubber products are made from natural rubber? Make sure you purchase sustainable rubber as mentioned above.
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